Mr. Kevin Chen - Business Owner & Tourist

MyUSGift team is amazing! When I traveled to the U.S. for two weeks, I didn’t know how to select gifts for my friends, families, and my business partners. Although some of them gave me a shopping list before I departed, I really had no idea of where to buy the things they wanted. Also, I didn't have local membership discounts, and I cannot apply for the card without the so-called SSN (What is that?). It’s absolutely a nightmare for me to spend time shopping without any clues. I would rather enjoy the trip by watching shows, visiting more spots, and participating in interesting tours. Thanks to MyUSGift! My dream came true! I handed over my finalized shopping list to them, and they ordered the items with better prices than what I could find, several days of my return flight. I totally set myself free for a good rest and trip!

Ms. Sara – Executive Assistant/Human Resource Specialist

I love MyUSGift service. I have been responsible for creating the holiday gifting list for many years. Besides that, I always need to think about gifting ideas for friends and families – birthdays, weddings, baby births, romantic moments, graduations, special occasions, or no-reason-needed presents! Year after year, I get tired of sending out and receiving the same gift baskets with cookies and chocolates. I wish I could find someone who really care and are capable of giving wonderful, different, and customized recommendations. When I initially got in touch with MyUSGift, I thought that what they do is to help me to create the gifting options with budget control. But it is much more than that! They can even assist in placing the orders and updating the shipments without additional service fee. With their assistance, now I have a new definition for shopping, a lovely experience.